Internet-and-Business-Online Article marketing can generate thousands of free visitors to your site to buy your products. If you have not achieved the results you hoped for with internet marketing, here are some common things you may have overlooked: Do You Create Enough Articles? The purpose of article marketing is to establish the author as a genuine expert and to send out a constant stream of articles that search engines will pick up and create back links for your sites. The more articles the better. You need to create at least 2 per week and more if possible. If you don’t have the patience or time for such work, you can hire copywriters for a low fee or you can use automated article spinners. Are You Posting Them Throughout the Web? When you have created your article, where do you post it? If you just post it to your site or blog, you can be doing much better with internet marketing results. There are services that will post your article to hundreds of article directories. Some of these directories have huge readership and a back link from their popular pages is very well regarded by the search engines. If you decide to post manually, be sure to post to popular social sites like Squidoo, Blogspot and others. There are many free sites you can post to if you are willing to take the time. Do You Have Good Keyword Density? Be sure you select the keywords you want your article to match before you start writing. For example, if you want your article to come up in the search engines when someone enters "Article Marketing", be sure to work those key words into your times and into the body of the article to the level of about 2% of the total words in the article. Do not overload the article or it may be rejected as spam. Choose keywords that have a high number monthly searches but ones that are not already saturated with articles and heavy players. How’s Your Resource Box? Be sure your resource box is not just a blurb about you. Use the box to raise the interest of readers and include a call for action or offer that will get them to click on the link in the box. Where Do You Send Your Readers? Always add a link to a landing page or information collection page. Never send readers to your main site as they will quickly get lost and discouraged and leave. Instead, send them to a specific page that asks for their email address in exchange for something they want like information or a video. You can also send them to a page that has an offer that is very specific to the article with the link, but never send them to a general or "welcome" page on your site. If you pay attention to these areas, you will get thousands of free visitors and buyers from article marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: