Bariatric Surgery May Help Incontinence Patients In New York And Connecticut Posted By: Mitchell Roslin Bariatric surgery has been shown to relieve many conditions associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and back pain. For years, bariatric surgeons in New York and Connecticut have noticed an improvement in these conditions in patients. Now, a research effort suggests that bariatric surgery as the gastric banding procedure can improve urinary incontinence in women. The study, conducted in a center of Newcastle, Australia, bariatric surgery, included 142 patients who underwent obesity surgery. Almost two thirds of these women reported urinary incontinence at some level before surgery. After gastric banding procedure noted study leader Dr. Weranja Ranasinghe, women reported a significant improvement in their urinary function and quality of life. "We were excited to see what weight loss surgery has effect on […] urinary functions," said Dr Ranasinghe, "that these problems are common among people who are very obese." The information recorded in the study of meaning in the light of data correlating obesity and incontinence. Obesity in the stomach may increase pressure on the bladder, which can lead to a problem known as stress incontinence.connecticut bariatric surgery new york bariatric surgery connecticut bariatric surgery Seasonal Weight Gain And Bariatric Surgery In New York And Connecticut Posted By: Mitchell Roslin connecticut bariatric surgery new york bariatric surgeons connecticut bariatric surgery 相关的主题文章: