Ants belong to the Formicidae family. Along through wasp and bees they belong to the order Hymenoptera. Ants are group insects. More than 12500 species are classified and the upper estimates of variety are about 22000. The waist of the ant is lean and they have a distinctive node like structure. Ants live in colonies. Some small colonies have a few dozen predatory individuals which live in small natural cavities. There are other enormous colonies which may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals. Ants are very intelligence animals which work collectively that have sufficient food even during times when food is in short supply or its difficult to get food due to natural circumstances like rain or so. Read more here Differentieret undervisning . The large colonies consist mostly of sterile wingless females forming castes of workers and soldiers. Other than these two groups there are other specialized groups too. Fertile males called drones and fertile females called queens subsist in almost every colony. Ants appear to operate as a unified thing. Therefore their colonies are sometimes described as super organisms. They work jointly to support the colony. Ants have colonized every landmass on earth, except for a few remote and hostile islands and Antarctica. Read more here J skaal . Ants flourish in most ecosystems; they may form 15 25% of the terrestrial animal biomass. Their social organization and their capability to modify their habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves are the secrets of their success. Ants solve intricate problems within their societies. They are very capable in this aspect. They communicate with each other extremely. Also they have division of labor. People of a variety of cultures make use of ants in their food, medicine and rituals. Since ants have a great ability to exploit resources they have constant conflicts with human beings. Ants raid buildings, and also damage crops. A number of ants such as the red imported fire ant are regarded as invasive species, because they have established themselves in new areas where they have been introduced by accident. Read more here Differentieret undervisning . Just like all insects ants have six legs and each leg has there joints. Ants can run very quick and these legs are very strong, enabling them to do so. Ants can elevate very heavy weight as twenty times of their body weight. The ants brain has about 250000 brain cells. The normal life span of an ant is 45 – 60 days. They use their antennae for touch and for their sense of odor. The ant has a pair of enormous strong jaws. It opens and closes like a pair of scissors. Ants can only squeeze out and gulp juice from pieces of food. They cannot chew and swallow solid food. Their eyes are made of many small eyes. All You Want To Know About Buying Pre-owned Cars By: Henry Smith – The car owners always want to try new cars. 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