Business There are literally hundreds of make money programs on the Internet. Some are legitimate, but there are many others that are shady or even illegal. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So be sure to tread with caution when getting into any make money online schemes. Here are some telltale signs that the programs are probably illegitimate. 1) Unrealistic claims. When selling these schemes, unrealistic claims are made to lure visitors into buying. Usually, such claims are not backed by solid proof. If there is no good reason for you to believe that the claims are true, then you better stay away from the program. Besides, the FTC now requires all claims to be realistic. So if you still come across claims that sound wildly unrealistic (i.e. too good to be true), then it’s probably really is too good to be true. 2) Viability of money making scheme. Often, money making schemes post claims of huge earnings but the visitor has no idea what the scheme is about. The visitor has to sign up (pay money) just to be able to learn about the money making scheme. Firstly, if you don’t know anything about the program, don’t sign up! Secondly, even if you know something about the program, be sure to evaluate the viability of the scheme. What does it take for you to be successful in the program? Usually, those who are very successful have access to resources that not everyone can tap into. Therefore, if you don’t have the same resources, you are never going to get similar results. 3) Poorly presented survey opportunities. There are many legitimate survey companies out there. But there are also scams out there as well. Making money with surveys is easy. All that is required of you is to complete some online surveys and you will get paid. Unfortunately, scam companies only sell the promise. They often fail to deliver after you have paid them a fee. 4) Poor support. Great companies always offer excellent support. If you encounter poor support, that is a sign that you should stay away. But support doesn’t mean that a company is legitimate though. Sometimes, a company may be very good at selling their wares. But when it comes to delivering, they are performing poorly. So the company makes a lot of sales, but can’t seem to deliver what it had sold. As a result, it goes belly up in a few short months. Business owners then disappear and cannot be contacted. Recovery of money is going to be an uphill battle. There is no fixed formula for avoiding online money making scams. A lot depends on your own discretion. When you comes across a money making opportunity, don’t just jump in blindly. Be sure to conduct your own due diligence and tread with caution. Whenever possible, consult others who have signed up for the program. If there are many negative reviews about the company, that is a clear indication that it’s a poor opportunity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: