Business I have a a couple of very important questions for you if you own or run a business. Do you know exactly much does it costs you to acquire a new customer? And how much do you spend on marketing and advertising, as well as management and employee time to get that new customer? If you are like most businesses, it’s going to be quite a lot! In this article, we’re going to look at one of the most overlooked methods of attracting new customers you have available to you, but it can’t work for you until you first recognize something very important. If your business has a high probability of customers coming back over and over again to purchase products or services from you, you should be doing everything you possibly can to get new customers buying from you as quickly and easily as you possibly can. The key to this idea revolves around the lifetime value each customer has to your business, and it’s vitally important for you to understand what I’m going to talk about here. That’s because until you know exactly how much combined profit each new customer brings in to your business during the time they will be buying from you, you don’t know how much time, effort and expense you can afford to spend to attract that customer. Here’s what I mean… In most of the business consulting I do, I find a big percentage of the profits are generated from customers who are buying from the business over and over again. If you don’t do anything to destroy that buying relationship, you’ll find that customers can continue buying from you for months, for years. and in some cases, these relationships can last for decades. if you were to add up the total income from all of those additional sales, the increased profit can be 5, 15 or 30 times more than the small amount you make on the first sale. The thing to remember is that none of that long term profit would be available to you if you didn’t bring those customers into your business in the first place. So because it’s so important to your long term success that you generate as many new customers as possible, I want you to ask yourself these 2 related questions. 1 – What would it be worth to my business if I could attract and sell to an extra 20 or 220, or 2020 customers this month (and every month from now on). 2 – What if I stopped focusing on the profit I make on the initial sale, but instead I focused on the huge, long term combined profits I would make from all the repeat transactions I did with those new customers in the years ahead? When you’ve answered these 2 questions, you’re probably going to have a giant smile on your face as you think about the implications. Now sit down with your team and decide on what methods you can use to start making as many sales to new customers as you can. The idea is to break-even or even make a small loss on these front end sales, just to get the customer started in a buying relationship with you. As you make more front end sales, your backend profits are going to grow exponentially as your new customers buy more products and services from you over the weeks and months ahead. Pretty cool idea isn’t it? I hope it helps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: