Health Although hair transplant and surgery can be expensive, there are some clinics that actually charge less than most. The key is to be a proactive consumer we are talking about your hair after all. Keep in mind that you are paying good money, money that you worked hard for. You do not have to pay up to ten dollars per graft if you can find a clinic that offers three to four dollars per graft. You should seriously consider which clinic and surgeon to choose. You might find that clinics that have only one center (usually not to be found in the state you live in) charge less than more popular clinics with satellite branches all over the country. First of all, they have less overhead costs, and usually, to compensate for the inconvenience their location presents, they charge an absolute price per graft as compared to most clinics who give you the illusion that the more grafts you buy, the more you save. For example, you might encounter clinics that offer discounts if you buy in bulk, meaning you pay $7 per graft for a total of 750 grafts and only $6 per graft for 1000. In the first place, if you can afford that many grafts, why won’t you? It is not right to be penalized for not being able to purchase as much, especially when there are clinics that can perform the services for as low as $3 per graft no matter how many you need. Clinics that provide hair transplant usually will give you free consultation and quotations so you will have an idea how much you need to spend. Do not grab the first clinic that offers you a seemingly good deal. It is always good to compare and shop around as you would for the perfect pair of jeans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: