Health Stretch marks are associated with the rapid stretching of the skin because of weight gain from pregnancy, obesity or weight training and also due to fast growth during puberty. Stretch mark development can also be aggravated by hormonal variations in the body from muscle building, pregnancy and adolescence. There are several different methods that can be used to accomplish stretch mark removal which includes various creams and lotions, body massage and skin exfoliation. 1. Specially Crafted Skincare Lotions You possibly can achieve stretch mark elimination right at your home by using one of the numerous lotions, gels and topical creams which are available for purchase at any nearby drug store or online. Skin creams are a fairly inexpensive alternative for stretch mark removal and they are easy to use and to obtain. They often have ingredients like the protein collagen and elastin that are produced by the body to protect the skin. A few of the other good ingredients to look for in a cream are aloe vera, grape seed extract, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, squalene oil and soy protein. If you want examples of quality stretch mark reduction creams, they may be found below; 1-A and 1-B. 1-A. Try Trilastin! When you are trying to find a stretch mark removal cream one of the best brands available in the market is Trilastin. Many hundreds of people have reported that it substantially reduced or got rid of their stretch marks. Trilastin is made from high potency elastin, soy protein and collagen protein. These holistic ingredients merge together to create a structural protein complex that is 100 percent rejuvenating amino acids and and this compound is very effective in repairing skin damage and stretch mark removal. 1-B. Revitol Revitol is one of the more popular stretch mark elimination creams available. This cream is used in two ways, both to avoid stretch marks from developing in the first place and to reduce and eliminate stretch marks which are already existing. The producers of Revitol recommend that it must be used both while pregnant and also in the post-natal phase in order that women can avoid the stretch marks that often accompany pregnancy. Revitol is composed of all-natural and holistic substances such as aloe vera gel, squalene oil, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E and grape seed extract. This combination of ingredients could make the skin layers more stretchy aside from revitalizing it. 2. Massage Therapy Stretch mark removal without surgery is a definite possibility and a lot of people have had very good success with combining body massage procedures and exfoliation methods with a variety of skin creams and lotions. Massage therapy helps to increase blood circulation to the subcutaneous layer of fat beneath the skin. It also breaks down fat cells with pressure so that they could be flushed away along with skin damaging toxins. This not only improves the visibility of stretch marks, it helps to remove unwanted fat and inches. 3. Exfoliate Your Stretch Marks Into Oblivion You can help to remove your stretch mark scars by exfoliating the skin on a routine basis. This is a simple procedure which can be easily done at home. If this procedure is done on a regular basis then the stretch mark scars will likely be removed and new and healthy skin will appear. These are the same effects that microdermabrasion and laser surgery have but can be done inexpensively at home. Apply an effective moisturizing cream after exfoliating to make sure that your skin is hydrated and stays supple and elastic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: