UnCategorized Everyone experiences a slump in sales and scrambling to meet a sales quota or goal can be overwhelming stressful for even the most experienced, seasoned sales person. Of course the best way to avoid a sales slump is to not let your sales slow in the first place, but sometimes circumstances beyond our control can cause this to happen, and in these cases, the best thing that you can develop is a positive attitude and the ambition to get through this tough period. Sometimes, slumps are really blessings in disguise, especially if the downtime allows you to learn new skills and techniques and explore new sales prospects that you would not have time to pursue otherwise. So what to do, well to start, make a list of attainable short term prospects. These may not be the biggest clients, but they should be clients and leads that you feel have a good chance of resulting in a sale. Not only will this boost your mood and confidence, but it will also make you look like a productive sales team member in the eyes of the higher ups. You should also ask your manager for an honest evaluation of your sales presentation and performance, specifically for way that they feel you can improve, and go from there. Do not make the mistake of asking your best friend in the office for this evaluation, though, because that really will not help you at all. Your sales manager is the person to ask, since he or she will be able to give you objective advice as well as the benefit of their experience. A sales slump is also your chance to brush up on, and hone your sales skills. In other words take this time to read and review books, newsletters, websites, and attend both seminars and webinars to pick up tips and techniques. Above all, stop blaming yourself for your slump. What-ifs are counterproductive and never solve anything. Focus every day on at least one thing that you can do to put yourself in the solution, instead of being mired in the problem. Again, a positive attitude really is the best thing that you can have during this time, that and a realistic outlook and the knowledge that your sales will take off again soon. Keep this attitude, and you will be able to overcome any hurdles in your path towards achieving success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: