Home-and-Family "Moving house is a complicated undertaking and can be quite physically and mentally demanding. The best way to survive a house move is to begin planning far enough in advance and to create a schedule that includes a week by week list of duties to be performed in the right sequence leading up to the actual moving day. Here is a basic checklist to help you plan your move effectively: 8 Weeks Before Moving – This is the time to begin getting rid of clutter and to start collecting boxes from retailers and saving newspapers to wrap breakables in. Give your old items to charity or hold a garage sale to lighten your moving load and begin collecting the boxes you will need for packing. Dont wait until the last moment and be forced to buy expensive boxes and packing materials when you can get them for free. 6 Weeks Before Moving – At this point you should be checking your options as far as moving companies and lorry rentals are concerned. A little research can save money and help you avoid potential headaches. Start using the food on your shelves and in the refrigerator so you wont have to move it or throw it out. 4 Weeks Before Moving – Contact the mover you have decided on and make the arrangements for moving day. Start packing the items you wont be needing before the move (books, holiday decorations, etc.). Fill out all necessary change of address forms and notify utility companies, banks and other services to guarantee uninterrupted service. 2 Weeks Before Moving – Make arrangements for time off from your job if necessary. Reconfirm moving company appointments or lorry rentals. 1 Week Before Moving – Finish packing except for personal day-to-day items, like clothing, toiletries, etc. Begin packing suitcases with items you will need access to just prior, during and immediately after the move. Defrost the refrigerator. Moving Day – If youve planned effectively, moving day should go smoothly and relatively painlessly. A good plan will keep moving day madness to a minimum. Be sure to hire a good end of tenancy cleaning firm to clean the old home according to the terms of your contract so that you can receive your security deposit back in full. For end of tenancy cleaning London has reputable firms on listing in every neighbourhood. Follow these tips and have a bon voyage to your new home." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: