Travel-and-Leisure is a blog dedicated for travelers. It has plenty of destinations that avid globe trotters would love to visit. One such place that this blog mentions is the Sea island Georgia which is located 75 miles, north of Jacksonville FL and 80 miles in the south of Savannah GA. The most popular way to get here is through a causeway from mainland to island of St. Simon. From here, you have to take a short drive. This place is best visited in summer, late spring or early fall. Sea island Georgia was built by Howard Earl Coffin, an early automobile mogul. He wanted to build a place where wealthy rich people could relax in style. He also built plenty of cars for people who love traveling around. The Sea island Georgia is still managed by the family. Commercialization is held off for four years in this area. They have also taken great pains to preserve the ambience of the resort. This island is really popular amongst the rich men. Winston Churchills daughter got married here, President Coolidge spent his Christmas here in 1928 and George Bush honeymooned here with his wife, Barbara. Most of the people here, who arrive for traveling, stay at The Cloister. It was built in 1928 and from here, you can enjoy the 1235 acres of dense forest, marshland, and lawn, five miles of private beachfront, and you can also enjoy the various indoor and outdoor activities offered at Sea island Georgia. This island has won plenty of awards and it remains a favorite as a holiday spot. A survey was taken in fall 2007 for top 50 family resorts in North America. This island came in at number 2. This will give you an idea about how popular the island is. This place is also really popular amongst golf enthusiasts. Sea island Georgia also has a golf learning center. There is plenty here for people who love Mother Nature. The island boasts of 1235 acres of space waiting to be explored. Nature tours are conducted on a regular basis here. Kids and teens are taken special care of on the Sea island Georgia. There are plenty of activities here which they will never forget. They include beach funcycles, Boogie Boards, sea kayaking, hobie cat sailboats, etc. The latter costs around $49 per hour and for the lessons, you will have to pay $25. Money certainly wont be a problem for people who visit as it is targeted towards people who live luxurious life. People who have visited here say that Sea island Georgia treats its guests like family. They have returned here year after year and just dont get enough of it. Some families make it a point to visit here every year and it is carried on for generations. Kids 15 or under are allowed to stay in parents room for free. The cost of spending a holiday here is a bit high but you must visit this island at least once in a life time to experience it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: