Customer Service Companies and business establishments who conduct business mainly via the telephone will have most likely faced the drawback of having sales calls coming in after regular business hours. Solutions will always lean towards hiring receptionists to man the desks after office hours, during the weekends, and on holidays. However, the question of practicability will always arise. Can the company afford to hire extra manpower? Can this strategic move improve company sales? Lets consider the case of a small courier service provider, who does not offer business after regular working hours. They may provide service comparable to those of bigger companies, but since it is difficult for customers to reach them, they are consistently losing business and new customers. Outsource telephone answering service may be the perfect answer in handling after hour calls. Business Process Outsourcing- BPO companies provide their clients with a professional team of representatives to answer each and every call placed for the business establishment at any time of the day, for 365 days in a year. Whether the company may need help with its order taking, appointment setting , order processing, complaint handling, reservations, or simply handling calls and taking down messages, an outsourced telephone answering service is the key. So how does one choose an answering service provider? Considering that large companies train their staff in proper telephone etiquette, look for a BPO firm whose representatives handle each call professionally and who deals with each client the way you expect your own staff to interact with them. You may also want to provide your own script with which the representatives are asked to answer each call on your behalf. There are some BPO firms who may be able to come up with an effective script for you and your company. This personal approach to call answering service portrays the image that you have your own staff answering your calls and increases the customers perception of your company thus boosting their confidence and increase your company profits. Outsourcing your call answering service does not only apply to order taking . In fact, there are companies who hire members of their team according to the needs of their clients. For example, if a client is a part of the medical industry, firms may hire nurses or graduates of paramedical courses to offer reliable and credible answers to questions that come in, in the absence of physicians and other medical professionals. Choosing to outsource your after hour business calls is an effective way to improve your companys image and performance, and to increase customer satisfaction and confidence. Economically, hiring a Business Process Outsourcing- BPO firm to handle your calls is a lot cheaper than hiring and training a group of people and paying them to man the phones at your office at all times, providing them with the latest hardware and software programs, and placing them in their own offices. Hiring a BPO firm to handle your phone answering needs is easy to arrange as they already have the technology they need as well the workspace. A credible and prompt answering service has always been an indispensable resource of a business process. Outsourcing has now given business establishments a chance to maximize their sales potential at a minimum price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: