Software Dot Net, which is also popularly known as ASP.NET, is an essential tool of Microsoft that helps developing rich web applications and websites. Be it for applications that are rich in features or just general websites, the secure and robust framework allows an easy development and operation on any platform of Microsoft. The framework actually comes loaded with exclusive capabilities that help developing applications and websites. Since Dot Net allows developing applications of multiple features, the tool has gained a fast prominence and favoritism among the developers. With application development becoming the new trend of the age, developers seem to be enjoying more with Dot Net frameworks. A Look at Some of the Main Highlights of the Framework If you seem to be wondering about what makes the framework build high-performing applications for the web, then here are your answers: #The platform is highly appreciated for its high scalability and reliability. This particular framework offers all the resources of developing applications that can help improve the functioning of a particular organization. #Dot Net can be easily understandable and hence, developers can work on this platform without facing any difficulty. Additionally, it also saves time and improves the development speed largely, thereby helping the developers produce accurate and quick results. #The framework can be easily installed and rarely generates trouble during the use of the same. Furthermore, the platform also incorporates a number of formats, thereby lessening any sort of conflict that might develop between different applications. Additionally, it also involves reduced use codes while, developing large applications. The Common Language Runtime manages and controls the application of the code and makes the process of development simple. #The flexibility of the framework also helps in the development process of application as it can be easily shaped in accordance to the needs of the developmental task. Moreover, the security aspect of the framework also allows developing secured applications for the web. #The cross-language interoperability feature of the framework also enables a design of the software in a varied range of programming language without posing any problem in the interaction. #Additionally, the framework also extends a number of resources, tools, and libraries allowing easy development of applications. The precision and comfort factor of the framework helps high scalable application development. The framework featuring the support of Microsoft helps developing a range of applications and websites catering to the needs of different business requirements. It is important to develop websites attractively as it helps creating increased readership and maximum visibility. Dot Net allows building innovative and superior websites yielding high performance. Exploring the Framework Dot Net framework is specifically designed to assist in the development process of .Net applications. It actually brings together several technologies in one platform. Here is a look: The applications of Dot Net are usually developed with Microsoft Visual Studio and offer a support to several languages in a particular environment. The developers get to have an extensive choice of programming languages ranging from C++, C#, F#, and Visual Basic. Additionally, it also has a robust engine, Common language Runtime (CLR) that helps executing the Dot Net applications. The framework has been named powerful as it comes loaded with the capability of offering services like memory management, security checks, and performance optimization. The framework also features a class library that actually refers to a compilation of logical and collective prebuilt functionality. This allows the developers to plug into the code and run the function without any difficulty. How to Build High Performing Dot Net Applications Well, to develop high-performing applications, you must follow certain objectives ensuring best results in the developmental process. Here is a look at the aspects that you must follow: #Disable session state when not in use #Choose the provider of session state carefully #Avoid needless round trips to the server #Save view state on server control only if required #Perform pre-batch compilation for large applications #Make use of Page.IsPostBack for avoiding unnecessary processing during a round trip In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, you need to follow several other considerations during the application development process. The .Net development framework has truly evolved as a boon for businesses striving towards development of robust web applications and websites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: