Business One of the most distressing sights you may see when you are getting into your car could be flat tires. Not only do you have to change the flat before you can drive off, you will need a tire repair. To minimize potential deterioration started by the puncture, its a good idea to have it repaired immediately. Most punctures are caused by small nails and screws less than in diameter. Generally, the manufacturers guidelines allow tire repair of punctures in tread in an area up to in diameter. However, in the case of larger tread punctures or punctures to the tires shoulder and sidewall areas, a replacement is strongly recommended. Consider these 3 things when having punctures repaired: * Evaluate the size and scope — Any tire repair attempted without removing it from the wheel is not correct. Punctures may look repairable from the outside, but when inspected from the inside, damage also may be found inside. Without taking if off, the damage would have been missed. * Re-establish an airtight seal of the tires innerliner Typically, a mushroom-shaped patch and plug combination will reseal the innerliner effectively on a punctured steel belted radial. * Completely fill the path the object took through the tire — A tire repair is complete only if it fills the path the object took. If the innerliner has been punctured, it must be cleaned, buffed, cemented, patched and coated to restore its ability to retain air. This can only be done from inside. How do you know which procedures a mechanic uses? Ask them! A correct tire repair that follows the Rubber Manufacturers Associations multi-step procedures will usually take about 30 minutes. As a word of caution, driving on a damaged tire will cause further damage and deteriorate its strength over time. More importantly to consider, when driving at high speeds on an improperly repaired tire, it may suddenly fail, and cause loss of control of your vehicle. For expert advice on tire repair, contact our ASE Certified Tire Technicians today by calling (763) 389-3811, or go on-line at for more information. Since 1997, our auto repair shop has served customers in Princeton, MN, and in the surrounding areas of Milaca and Zimmerman, Minnesota. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: