Marriage-Wedding Save-the-date wedding cards are becoming extremely well-received nowadays. They are mostly sent prior to a formal wedding invitation. It can take the form of cards, magnets or anything you can think of. They can either be mailed or sent through an email, depending on what kind of save-the-date wedding announcement you decide to give. It not necessarily has to be a card as I mentioned. If you decide to mail it out, then be careful in taking down the correct addresses of your friends and family. People always ask if it is necessary to send a save-the-date to families and friends. Well, it is not mandatory but it is courtesy. Save-the-dates allow your guests to have time to plan for your event. If youre planning a destination wedding, then I would suggest its best to have a save-the-date, and send it about six months early. Dont forget that people need time to make travel and accommodations plans, apply for leave with their employers and maybe also finding somebody to take care of their uninvited children. Similarly, save-the-dates give people a heads up in your event, even if you are not planning a destination wedding. So they have time to make arrangements to keep that particular day free to attend your special day, and that is what you want at the end of the day right? The style of your save-the-date can be anything really. Whether you decide to choose something traditional, elegant, or something casual and fun, its all up to you. However, it should try to reflect the tone and theme of your wedding as much as possible, so that your guests have an indication of what to expect at your wedding reception. A save-the-date wedding card can enhance the impact of your wedding celebrations, and add more fun to the event as a whole. In the process of its creation, you should also indulge in the fun of it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: