Business With the pound at an all-time low, fuel prices on the rise and the typical mortgage up by 150, the outlook for the consumer is gloomy. But, whilst the British economy may be outside of our control, we can still seize control of our finances and ensure were getting the best deals. Mark Todd, director at has commented: Consumers are finding that soaring household bills mean that the average income barely stretches to cover the essentials. But whilst its clear that prices are on the rise, many consumers are still paying far more than they should be and not taking advantage of the cheap deals that exist Switching your energy supplier takes just a few minutes and can save the average household 221 thats enough to pay for four return trips to Paris or a flight to New York. By spring cleaning your finances and taking advantage of great deals, you can find the money for more of those luxuries we often do without. has put together some simple money saving tips below, which combined could knock nearly 1000 off your outgoings. For more information or to speak to Mark Todd, please call me on 020 7802 2626. Top tips to spring clean your finances: * Get the cheapest energy deal: all the big energy providers have hiked their prices already this year, but there are still some deals to had. can save a household up to 300 simply by moving to a cheaper tariff * Dont get misled by broadband freebie offers and bundled deals even if youre already on a contract, you can check youre not paying over the odds or find the cheapest and suitable deal on * The credit crunch has begun and certain deals are already being taken off the market. But dont despair if your mortgage or loan payments have been put up comparison sites like can help you find a better deal and shed hundreds of pounds Contact details: Mark Todd, Suite 9 30 Great Guildford St London SE1 0HS Phone: 0800 074 0745 (Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm, Sat-Sun 9am – 5pm) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: