Business You will find that every year there an increasing number of new technologies in home computers and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with everything that is out there to improve our PC usage. One new technology that is worth covering is related to storage and hard drives, the SSD hard drive has actually been around a long time but never been widely used due to the high cost of this technology. In recent times, we have started to see these being sold along with standard SATA HDs. There are a few substantial benefits to using these hard drives, the main one being the there will be no need for defragmentation in these drives due to their already random access nature. These drives also have low latency and fast random access because these drives dont have to seek like the regular hard drives. Another benefit of these drives is they use less power so they are great green drives and also being used more widely in laptops to conserve battery power. The only downside to these drives is that they are a bit more expensive per GB, but, in the future like all technology, the price will likely decrease and more space will be available in the drives. Another new technology that will appeal to PC gamers and blu-ray fans is the new Geforce chipset which was recently released. We are referring here to the new Nvidia G106 chipset that will be used with all of the new Geforce graphic cards. These new chipset graphic cards will be DirectX 11 compatible, and support Blu-Ray video. The entry level video card that has the G106 chipset is the Geforce GTS 450 which has 4 steaming processors 1GB of GDDR5 and a recommended power supply of 400W. If you go to the higher end of this graphics chipset we have the Geforce GTX 480 which has nearly triple the memory bandwidth of the GTS 450 and 15 streaming multi-processors and 1.5 GB of GDDR5 memory. You will also find that this card has 60 texture units and a 384-bit memory interface. The last new technology to think about is the new Intel processor, the Intel Core i7 980X, although it was released earlier this year its the first processor that carries 6 cores and 12 threads. You will also find that this processor has a very large 12MB L3 cache, with all of the features this will make for a very fast PC if you can afford the high price tag. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: