Games Another great Kinect advertising was the sequel to Steel Battalion. Once again Inafune took the stage and declared for the second time in less than a day that the Japanese game industry is not dead. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor to show the world that the Japanese people can hang in the corners when it comes to Microsoft’s innovation. Given that the original game had a control with over 40 buttons, it will be interesting to see how to do this. Here was Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, just as insecure as us. We met by chance in one of the times and hit a little chat. – What’s with Steel Battalion? Where have all the buttons, he smiles. We nodded his head and tells us agree. Hryb continued: – The best thing is that hardcore gamers are finally getting their own title. This is made especially for them. Japan has never been a massive success for Microsoft arena. Xbox 360 sells consistently fewer consoles than both Sony and Nintendo, wow powerlevel but resurfaces from time to time. Today’s briefing was one such moment. Now it remains to see if the game itself lives up to expectations. Thanks for the Metal Gear Solid 4, Ryan! A game that both Thomas Heger and I have talked a lot about lately is El Shaddai, which has had the largest booth at the fair. Well, after Monster Hunter 3rd. El Shaddai is a quasi-filisofisk re-interpretation of the Jesus myth and be created by the gang behind Okami, which seems on the visual style. Probably one of the exhibition’s high point when it comes to the visual. One who agreed this was Ryan Peyton, who was playing next to us. This was just a little surprise. Here we suddenly stood and talked with the man who made Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots more playable than its predecessors. For many, probably his role in Microsoft’s 343 Studios is just as interesting. Peyton is now Chief of the Halo series and is responsible for the direction the franchise should be taken further. Of course he could not reveal anything big, but he said the news would come not long after Halo: Reach hysteria was over. Next item on the agenda was a tour of Capcom, who had set up the test consoles for the occasion. Best here was arguably Marvel vs. Capcom 3 With arcade sticks in place, new playable characters and a graphics engine that never showed signs of a pick, it was time for an internal settlement. How it went? Well, Thomas was not happy the next five minutes, wow powerleveling to put it that way. Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 was also put to the people. This disappointed a bit, then that’s exactly what one would expect from a sequel, but not much more. To hope for innovation here was perhaps thinking too much. Thomas had made better experiences with Okamiden and Ghost Trick for DS. Another interesting aspect of a major exhibition like this is all coming here to cover it. All the major international games media is in place. Eric Brudvig from IGN, game spots Ricardo Torres, Garnett Lee from Shacknews and Kotakus Michael McWhertor meetings in the hallways all the time. After the doors closed at 17 went to Microsoft’s After Hour Party. They had rented a pub right on the fairgrounds, and invited journalists and others for an informal hits over some food and drink. Here it was that they were pitted against Capcom’s party the night before, although it probably was quite fair. Value for money Something fun you can still pull out of the fact that U.S. Microsoft hires an Irish bar where they served German food. In Japan. That they are global, neither take from them. Moreover, it was with a small sense of irony that we ate and drank at Microsoft’s expense. As a colleague Andreas Lenngren so nicely put it: "Considering how many Microsoft points I have used, it’s time I get something back." As a curiosity we had seen Kudo Tsunoda, the man behind Kinect without sunglasses. Suddenly he looked very normal like and a bit of a mystery was gone. This was the last item on the program this first day. And for a day. Is tomorrow just as interesting, there is much to look forward to. We come back with more. Stay tuned. Tokyo out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: