Guangzhou anti fraud telecommunications network center successfully prevented the retired teachers in information times transfer (reporter Luo Yanghui correspondent Wan Shengliang Cen Baihan) recently, Guangzhou City anti fraud telecommunications network center received a public warning over, said the report, posing as public security fraud "received telephone, request transfer to the security account". The anti fraud center through work, succeeded in stopping a retired teacher in a university cheated transfer. In October 21st, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment in the investigation found that criminals posing as public security investigators frequently with Tianhe District Wushan area in a university a retired teacher, the detachment quickly notify anti fraud center. The anti fraud center after receiving the report, immediately call the victim telephone and mobile phone to discourage the victim send multiple fraud propaganda messages. But the victim to fraud and anti fraud lies, refused the police communication center. Anti fraud center rapid coordination of Tianhe District Public Security Bureau police station joint door Wushan with the university security department, to find the victim prevention propaganda and popularization, and finally let the victim to wake up, to prevent the victim to each other to provide "security accounts". Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: