The Xu Jiao show was awarded the response: the catwalk cry look cool have misunderstood Xu Jiao "we have come to the" catwalk in tears was awarded the Phoenix Entertainment News this Friday evening on the variety show "we are coming", Xu Jiao in the program with the designer Guo culture on clothing design with the makeup difference occurred, because time is urgent to debut. Not change again, Xu Jiao Wang Han, Carina Lau tears in the scene, have come to comfort, caused intense discussion, users for this, micro-blog responded to Xu Jiao’s agent Joel, because of the long program has not completely this communication misunderstanding, thanks to the program group and the senior staff for the care of Xu Jiao and love, "said there are a lot of the things she learned". Xu Jiao then forwarded, saying that micro-blog has been able to look at the face of bad reviews, because there are some misunderstandings in the process, the results are now showing up. Xu Jiao has been able to respond to your own cool look at Xu Jiao micro-blog full text: there had been several times by micro-blog’s comments but viciously slander, this time I can very calm view, even without any influence. Because I know, only at the scene witnessed all the people know my antecedents and consequences, "adhere to the self and the cause of tears. As Joel sister said, just a little misunderstanding in the process, only now the results appear. Not much to say, I know. Thank you for understanding and supporting me. The agent of Xu Jiao micro-blog catwalk show guests collective full text: "we just come" after the broadcast, Xu Jiao in the program to tears, many friends and friends expressed concern and greetings to us, first of all thank you for your concern. This is the first time to participate in the tender and show, Guo Pei’s works show, we are very seriously. This drop of tears, is her attention to the show, I see in the eyes of her proud. A 19 year old girl, boundless imagination, see the costume produced a new imagination of makeup. And this imagination, after the implementation of a variety of results. On the catwalk, originally do not think this series of other debut, Johnson can participate in a "re creation" in the program, there is life for the first time the true meaning of the show, is a milepost of growth. But there are some misunderstandings in the process, so the results of the present, but this result has a more profound significance. Wang Han teacher once said, reality show is the first true, the second is a person, the third is show. I don’t know what the audience will see how this episode, after so many sets and "people" related to the "true" and "show", Jiao really, everyone saw the tears, and, in any case, I am very happy to know that so many years of her simple, direct, is still really. In the face of difficulties and pressures do not retreat, face the challenges bravely forward, this is not 95 after some of the unique charm of it as, "we have come to the" Promo said "at any time to flee, break through the dimensional wall, live in a more imaginative world, our journey is the sea of stars." She should learn a lot of things, very grateful to the group in the senior staff and her care and care. Growing up is a series of tears and laughter, the interaction of temper and love. Xu Jiao students, your journey is the star of the sea!相关的主题文章: