Shower today in a hurry   tomorrow sunny temperature falling – Hubei Channel – original title: tomorrow sunny temperature falling newspaper news (reporter Fu Ying) the last day of vacation, Wuhan showers fall, and thus open the cool trip, the next two days after the rain, the city’s high temperature may be reduced to 25 degrees celsius. Yesterday during the day, Wuhan continues to have about the sun, the maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in the grade of about 3, a lot of love to go out and play the lady’s umbrella. Today, Wuhan will usher in a temporary farewell to the sun, rain, although the rain will not stay in my city, later today will say goodbye to my city. But the temperature will drop in the rain. The next two days, I, although the weather is sunny, air temperature will continue to decline. Today is the last day of the National Day holiday, many people began to return to go out to play, from today onwards, China’s southwest, north, East and other places will have a lot of precipitation, the road will become more slippery, may exacerbate traffic congestion on the way back. To remind you to prepare enough food and water on the way back ahead reasonable travel time and route, the use of electronic map real-time traffic function to avoid road congestion. Wuhan is expected during the day today cloudy with showers, temperature of 20 DEG -27 DEG 55-95%, humidity, pianbeifeng level 3. Tonight to tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 19 DEG -26 DEG, pianbeifeng level 3. Tomorrow the day after tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 17 DEG -25 DEG, pianbeifeng level 3. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: