The award has been blasting the vote survey: hard and shady details are true – Beijing thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers closing, part of actor awards attracted public controversy. Yesterday, a netizen in the micro-blog issue called "hit Award" shady long article, said he is a member of 101 public review in this session of Hundred Flowers Award, he broke the news: "we try to tell the assembly leadership award to the late ones, tell us if the winner not to the scene, the show live doesn’t look good. And tell us a complete list of guests, but they do not affect our vote." But yesterday, the name of the user broke micro-blog has been deleted, his true identity has not yet been confirmed. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter yesterday to interview the Film Festival Organizing Committee, but the other public phone no answer. The reporter was informed that the award was founded in 1980, was unprecedented. Critic Xu Yuan said in an interview: "at that time, the mechanism is the" popular film "magazine on the ballot tear filled sent back, then the" popular film "has a circulation of millions, each award is voted out." Now the award rules to elect 101 judges vote from Internet voting in the audience, but the reporter in the film festival website, did not see the public review list. The reporter checked the award winning actor, they all attended the awards; and no award actor, more than half are not present, and that the users about to have the award also questioned agree without prior without previous consultation. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Guan force system相关的主题文章: