I graduated from the computer city personal secret store "with you this shady smatters, K single basic no hope, while what the military adviser, can see the transformation, not a Chuanhuo, don’t forget to get the rebate tear warranty." What do you mean? Did not understand? It is normal, because this is the store jargon. First statement, said the store is mainly for JS, I believe a lot of money or conscience. If you are ever in front of pit, part of you may feel deja vu. Let’s start with the psychological training course. I have to sigh again, this is a profound knowledge. For example, psychological suggestion, regardless of whether you specify the specific configuration or specific models, JS will take over two machines, one is you specify, and the other is similar. This does not make an unnecessary move would let consumers produce two units, two choose a feeling, and this feeling brought by the subconscious is determined to buy this brand of products. If there is only one product, consumers will consciously go to other brands for comparison, the customer is easy to lose. Do not know your get to the point of it? If not, it does not matter, may wish to look at the classic JS method. "Who buy computer" — the determination of target customers and payment, which is "there is no flicker who; fancy type" – determine whether the client to do the homework, also is the fool "strategy; mainly used to do what, configuration requirements" – class and identify customer needs, is the direction of "one price" flicker; sure, how much money, open the slaughter…… It’s all routine. When the sales to master the psychology of the student party should often hear the phrase, "the students buy computer is spent parents money, we also know that the money is not easy, I give you a good pick, give you the lowest price pressure, make you more are in the pockets of the boss, we can not make how many. Do not make your money when a friend, after a friend to buy a computer to me this, I give you cheap." This paragraph is actually involved in the sale of the law of influence and reciprocity, simply put a set of almost win trust, take the initiative to pay to win profits. Sell computer is playing psychological warfare, a door from you, your dress, mobile phone, watch, style of conversation, JS looks in the eye, can determine what kind of person you are, and then according to your tastes and formulate corresponding countermeasures, from the psychological one point one clicks you down line. In the place you don’t know. One, the hardware prototype, refurbished machines these are too little, we all know that here not much said, let’s say you may not know where. Sometimes we are often asked whether or not to invoice, do not invoice will be cheaper. One possibility is that in order to avoid tax, there is a possibility that foreign goods. Chuanhuo can enjoy free customer service most brands have this area and the region. The difference is that in some areas, a large amount of purchase, it has bargaining power, the unit price will be lower, while the number of small purchases in other regions, the high price, which produced a price difference between the middle. But manufacturers are prescribed machines do not in the two regions of cross selling, but some JS could get through the machine, we called chuanhuo. In fact, foreign goods with the zone of goods there is no difference in the quality of products, but the price difference can earn a lot more. No region of goods"相关的主题文章: