The 15 year old Chengdu girl Rio pick copper with strong interpretation of dreams is Deng (former) Deng Yue and coach Huang Yanqing with her daughter at the age of 15, Xinhua news agency, also failed to become a writer or a doctor as she wrote in the essay, but she was in another field to bring people the incentive. 6 Beijing time on September 13th morning, Chengdu girl Deng SM4 grade more women’s 150 metre individual medley bronze medal at the Rio Paralympic Games, Sichuan won seventh medals at the Paralympic Games. From more than 1 years old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy to the age of 15 on the Paralympic podium, Deng Yue with their own persistence to achieve the dream. "When I grow up, I want to be a writer like Yang Hongying, to write a lot of fairy tales, to bring endless joy to the children! I also like aunt Zhang Haidi, Shencanzhijian, learning medical knowledge, to become a doctor, can not let people walk on walk in the dream stage, to realize their dreams." From the composition of Deng "dream and love make me strong" for medical contact swimming still sleep in the early morning of September 13th, Yu Haixia teacher will have received from the information from all sides. "All my friends to see the micro channel, I know the Deng Yue winning news." Yu Haixia is currently the Chengdu University (micro-blog) Logistics Department, comprehensive department staff, in 2001, she ushered in his baby daughter Deng Yue, daughter of the birth that one family was very happy, but in more than a year later, Deng Yue was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then, the couple took their young daughter Yu Haixia, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu and the various hospitals in Beijing. Five years, life cycle in his daughter massage, acupuncture and rehabilitation in. Because of illness, introverted daughter, will not communicate with people, there is a little autism. In the attempt of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, folk remedies, new biological drugs and other ways and access to a variety of information, Yu teacher learned have a good secondary effect of spa, she found a special coach to teach her to swim. Originally Deng only soak in water, try to stand on one leg. Power to slowly lifted his legs keep for 10 seconds, then slowly to legs tied sandbags to practice power, sandbags from 1 pounds to 2 pounds to 3 pounds. Soaked in water for a month, Deng Yue slowly learned to swim. "Before, I go to the land to rely on a wheelchair in the water, but I found freedom on happiness." Deng Yue wrote in his composition. Find confidence from swimming in 2011, Deng Yue’s father – Professor Deng Zejun as the introduction of talent to become a big. A then moved from Chongqing to Chengdu. Since then, the school’s swimming pool has become a paradise for her practice. In 2013 November, Deng Yue was selected to coach, Sichuan province has become the disabled swimming team athletes. Professional training is hard for ordinary people to imagine. Communicate with people, independent life, these are used by parents to take care of everything she had never experienced. She had her mother cry, but eventually persevered. In order to take into account the studies, every weekend, my mother from the team to take her home, one on one counseling, to the training time, and sent her back. In 2014, Sichuan Province, the eighth Paralympic Games on the card相关的主题文章: