All-weather electronic self-help tax invoice center in Taiyuan 1 to 2 minutes of Shanxi daily news (reporter Yue Jinfeng) September 19th, reporters from the provincial tax bureau, tax bureau of Taiyuan District of Yingze City, to improve the level of service tax, put into operation in North China’s first largest and most of the 24 hours of electronic self service center. From the running effect, the system is stable, the equivalent of 3 to 4 window workload, single copy of invoice time from 10 to 15 minutes reduced to 1 to 2 minutes, reduce the working pressure of the tax service hall. The center is divided into 24 hours of online tax, self Banshui, self inquiry and consulting services in 4 major functional areas, a total of 16 sets of equipment, computer network self service machine 18, self check machine 2, can realize the electronic tax, invoices, common open invoices, VAT invoices, invoice and claim issuing, authentication, self-help, self-help declaration issued query and other functions. Trial run for nearly 2 months, the Bureau in the online reporting platform for the registration of taxpayers has reached 10 thousand and 700, through the platform for all types of business of the pen 2732. With the full implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT), Taiyuan IRS added taxpayers 45 thousand, increase 24.1% than the original number, Yingze IRS has become the main body to undertake new taxpayers, nearly 9000 new households, small scale taxpayers of VAT invoices over the same period last year increased by nearly 4 times. Yingze IRS tax service chief Hao Miao said, the tax service hall on the invoice amount is about 130, the peak reached 190; on behalf of staff increased from 2 to 5, and is still in operation at full load or overload condition. After investigation, Yingze IRS decided to expand the scale, open area, to further upgrade the level of the tax service. After 1 months of research and development, testing, commissioning and continuous improvement, officially launched the multifunctional electronic self-help tax service. The taxpayer tax related matters online application, self making, will be time-consuming "difficult to tax" to the convenience of the E tour, so that taxpayers enjoy more high-quality, efficient and convenient tax service.相关的主题文章: