Vietnamese couple H bleeding more than the culprit was a film! Because the schools lack the correct and scientific sex knowledge guidance, parents are ashamed to believe that many children are the knowledge learned from all 18 banned in AV. While in Vietnam, one of the personnel without the small college couples want to have the courage to customers to buy condoms, they thought of using plastic film…… As a result, the woman’s body was badly hurt and bleeding, and was eventually taken to hospital. For you and the girl’s body’s sake, please grasp the correct knowledge, and in accordance with the instructions to use condoms. The couple wanted to use plastic film, because the film is thin and soft, did not expect a big mistake. The medical staff said that the woman is currently undergoing antibiotic treatment, no preservative film elastic, and no lubricating oil, can not be used to replace the condom. For this cup with events, experienced Japanese netizens have expressed their views: are college students are still so stupid." "Do you want some salad oil?" Do not even make-up water…… It hurts so much." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime.相关的主题文章: