Shanghai Metro launched " cloud; ticket " first in three stations installed the reporter learned from the Shanghai subway passengers, now only through mobile phone and other smart mobile terminals, the use of third party payment APP can realize the online payment ticket, from one-way ticket to a day ticket, three tickets can be purchased online. The scene of the first pilot ticket station is located in line 2, Lujiazui and other stations, on the spot to sweep the yard to pick up tickets or tickets on the machine, without change, to facilitate the public passengers, especially foreign tourists, to enhance the ticketing experience of the three. It is reported that, in the same industry in the country, the Shanghai subway for the first time in the cloud ticketing equipment covering a wide range of operational ticket sales function. The first three stations in the pilot of the two ways to buy tickets can buy a variety of subway tickets. The Shanghai Metro launched the cloud ticket way, will be the first line 2 in Lujiazui, line Disney and line No. 10 Nanjing East Road Station pilot. The subway ticket can buy a one-way ticket includes not only the three stations (one-way ticket must be purchased on the same day, when the station used) also includes travel service for frequent subway "day ticket" and "the three day ticket". Currently, the three stations of the cloud ticket machine has been installed in place, each station 2 units, set eye-catching logo, and arrange staff to guide the use of the scene.相关的主题文章: