Guangzhou landfill opposite villa is a ghost town near households continue to move out of Panyu fire Gang landfill opposite the villa into a "ghost town" Panyu fire Gang landfill opposite the villa into a "ghost town": in the 5 years of nearby residents continue to move out of Nanfang Daily News (reporter Cao Fei) around 15 PM, reporters came to the with the Panyu fire Gang landfill across the Huambo grand Les Loges Du Park Hotel District, district was almost empty, some villas have external decoration completed, but no admission, weed vines grew to three storeys high; some villa in front of the building is also stacked with the decoration of wood, but the door closed. At two street, the reporter met owners Miss Chen, she said, their ten years ago to buy a villa here, but has not been admitted, only a few times, "because a garbage dump, piled high, the taste is great, I’m afraid we have a great impact on the." At the same time, Ms. Chen introduced, ten years, almost no owners of residential occupancy, we are worried about the problem of garbage dumps." Nanfang Daily (reporter Cao Fei Intern Ma Limin) located in the center of the city of, about 2 km northwest of the fire gang landfill. Miss Wu lives in the nearest neighbor of the road 2, she entered the district in 2011. At that time, said the garbage dump will move, I did not expect five years has not yet." Miss Wu told reporters, every time after the rain when the cell odor most, even in the summer also can not open the window. And in a day, the next night the biggest smell. Now Miss Wu has a baby for 8 months, the family came to live here. Invisible harm the most terrible, worried about what the baby will receive." She said. It is understood that the city center covers an area of about 90 thousand square meters, a total of more than 6 households, more than 700 households. Miss Wu introduced during her stay in 5 years, residents have moved out.相关的主题文章: