Jinhua woman riding the electric butt escape front exposure (Figure) Jinhua city police missing girl riding electric car hit and run man this girl you met? If you meet or know, please contact the police. Because she escaped after a traffic accident. Yesterday morning, many police issued a message in the circle of friends: 9 September 21st 02 PM, in Jinhua District of Wucheng Jiang Xi Lu Wu first grain road, with the electric bicycle and public bicycle collision accident, the electric bicycle accident escape, the monitoring screenshot accident suspect driving the vehicle fled the scene. Look for valuable clues. Police are also attached to the back of the phone. The reporter contacted the accident officer Chen, he told reporters, the morning of September 21st, allegedly the electric vehicles in the section on the bike’s rear end hit Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu cause lumbar fractures. After the accident, the driver had to get off the car to help Ms. Lu, but also to help her pick up something on the ground, but then drove away, ms.. Fortunately, the incident happened to have a probe, recording the process of the incident, but also photographed the alleged electric car driver’s frontal clear photos. The police followed by a probe to find the driving trajectory of electric bicycle, the electric car is open to the suspected location of the incident from the river bridge bridge plate direction, after the accident on a road to a nearby Jiangbei intime City, then disappeared in the road section of road. At present, Ms. Lu is still at home. If you have seen the accident the driver suspected of, or know her, please contact Tel: 13566779190, contact: Officer Chen, or direct dial 110.相关的主题文章: