"Very wise" Xiong Dailin joined the chase for God to postpone the wedding entertainment play – Sohu "intellectual pursuit: Dragon robbery" concept POSTER "elf Prince Orlando – Bloom and Xiong Dailin Sohu entertainment news international action movie" intellectual pursuit: Dragon robbery "in Shanghai recently tension in the pipeline, the film by the famous film star in Hollywood elf Prince Orlando – Bloom, Wu Lei, Simon Yam, Cao Kefan, Liu Enyou and other popular actors. This super luxury male god lineup officially announced that Xiong Dailin joined the film. Xiong Dailin in the mainland television variety full bloom, especially movie "IP MAN" series, she played "three leaf lady" Zhang Yongcheng, the success of this role branded on his own label. It is reported that the production of films produced by Xi Yi fashion action movie "intellectual pursuit: Dragon robbery" will boot in Shanghai recently, the movie stunt team composed of elite international thriller, guarding a mysterious Chinese national treasure. The film by the international film production team, the whole shooting in Shanghai, and is expected to next year and the global audience. Has been identified by Orlando – Bloom as the leading actor, while the charm of the goddess Xiong Dailin as the film side announced the first actress, will be with the elves Prince and a congregation of male gods. In fact, after the public good "Xiong Dailin told Hong Kong media revealed that the next big breakthrough and a new attempt in the upcoming action movie star, want to spend more time in the movie. Accept magazine interview, she is called "the first back to the mainland filming, so filming schedule is determined, then determine the wedding day", presumably in order to shoot and to postpone the wedding, it is a very wise "chase", it is also a "workaholic goddess".相关的主题文章: