Drama: 9 lovers ruined visit uncle tea together, actually lead: most by every season drama audience and the public number of love finally debut. But, this fall in the dark "ten women" seems to be particularly elegant style. "Ten women" in the dark, almost not fortress characters under the diagram as the title suggests, the crew adhering to the "anyway you Aibulun, simply make a big news" Poguanposhuai attitude, the derailment object from the "mistress" small "directly expanded to ten". The wind is the main character of the TV show. Although the value of the wind is low, but as a powerful and gentle uncle, he was very popular with women. Although the family has a long car together for wife, but he is still unable to control their desire suddenly derailed, to find 9 lovers. From the first half of the TV dating receptionist Kanda Kumi, to just met young actor Aiba Shino, from married woman deputy director, to date does not receive drama drama old pillars…… The mistress of the wind covers all ages and all kinds of women, I really do not know his ultimate goal is to set up a baseball team or open their own TV station. But the more wonderful setting is the mistress and his wife not only know each other’s existence, we tolerate wind and their relationship to continue. They often have tea parties exchange their acquaintances and wind, but also pay attention to mutual exchange of needed products is not a new member to join the BLU (Bu Lun) "9 + 1" the mystery of the idol group. The tea party’s mistress mistress tea. But the world is not the so-called bucket of the harem, under the surface of the woman hidden in the raging river in smooth water. They may not have mutual rivalry and jealous, but slowly all the grievances gathered in the wind on my body. This thought can flowers point the wind, gradually found himself as his playing bad. His ten women were working together to push him into the abyss…… Men can face two mistresses are present, seemingly destroyed three story after the darkness of the modern "ten women", was actually born in the last century, the Japanese film IP. In 1961, the great director of the city of Sichuan directed the film of the same name. In 2002, Fuji TV invited a group of actors including Suzuki Kyoka, Kyoko Koizumi, and to shoot a SP (Special, special article). 2011, the Japanese troupe Nylon 100 degrees and put the story onto the stage. And this time the re production of the late night drama, has been the fourth presentation of the story. While relying on the big IP, the production team does not have any slack, but full of pains. This remake of the actor wind Songji actor Funakoshi Eiichiro, is the film version starring Funakoshi Eiji’s son. The TV series also invited the famous artists "idiot doctrine" to raise the script to write the script. The new story retains the basic setting of the film, but in the story of the plot and the direction of a different adaptation. The play shows a variety of techniques to coax women more interesting is that the "dark.相关的主题文章: