A two graduate cut off late at night dead and another injured assailant did not graduate Chinese Jilin Reuters reporter Lv Mengyang photojournalist Luo Hao on the 6 day, many netizens forwarded a deeply shocked and sad news: "5, 23 PM, the South Campus of Jilin University by the C tower in the vicinity of malignant cut people event, a man and a woman is a man with a knife, and 120 men have been killed, injured woman was rushed to hospital." Jilin University official network platform for this released the notice, disclosure of the perpetrators have surrendered, the case is being investigated. The scene is still Street on the road there is a large pool of blood on the 6 day 13 PM, Chinese Jilin network reporter came to the central campus of Jilin University, School of economics information student apartment 3 found the site of the incident, at this time, there are still two pieces of large blood and some scattered blood traces on the road. The students here will deliberately bypass. During the interview, many students in the campus are talking about this matter, because the time is late, there are a lot of people are heard in today, in the China Jilin network reporter asked the students, we all know this thing happened, but does not know the circumstances. Before the scene to restore the victim had shouted, he had a knife in his hand in order to understand the situation at the scene of the incident, China Jilin network reporter was removed to find a witness at that time, she told reporters at the time of the situation. The time of the incident on the 5 day at 23:30, the students have to sleep, when suddenly someone shouted outside the dormitory, there are also male female voice. "The beginning thought it was a joke of it, later found wrong, a boy shouted" knife in his hand ", should be reminded the girl not to close it, the girls have been crying." The insider, at the time of the incident, the hospital has few street on the road, she saw two men and a woman at the time, cut the man riding the attack in another man’s body. The students more than male students with rescue tools outside the dormitory "that will rescue a lot of people on the 120, we get through, 120 of people told me that they had received a report." The witnesses, that someone after the attack, many students have to get up, quickly call 120 for help 110. In the meantime, the girl went to a dormitory shouting to the students for help, when there are a lot of boys are holding tools downstairs rescue…… The whole process is more than and 10 minutes, the school security personnel to the time the man ran away." Witnesses, not long ago, 120, 110 people have come to the scene to deal with, the police at the scene investigation, until about 6 o’clock in the morning before leaving the scene of about three. The dead sister "everyone’s love of the young China subsequently, Jilin network reporter linked to the person responsible for a school, he said, he details on the matter is not clear, the matter has been handled by the public security department, the school is also waiting for the police investigation results. Chinese Jilin network reporter interview, an insider said, the name of the deceased is so high, Chittagong law school research two graduate students, 24 years old. Woman named Yang Moumou, is currently in hospital for treatment. There are web platform bloggers revealed that two people are lovers, but China Kyrgyzstan palm相关的主题文章: