Anhui food and drug administration under the frame of 10 batches of substandard food   two did not pass the famous tea – Anhui channel — original title: Anhui food and drug administration under the frame of 10 batches of substandard food two famous tea did not pass in September 29th, the Anhui provincial food and Drug Administration of thirty-eighth food safety supervision and sampling information freshly baked, Yuexi Cuilan actually glyphosate exceed the standard, Anhui along Magnolia Lu’an Guapian detection of fenvalerate, in addition, there are 8 kinds of food for sampling found unqualified and by the next frame, the recall. It is reported that the sampling of 7 batches of food samples of 528, in addition to soy products, food processing products of all types of food all qualified, other types of food were found to be unqualified samples 2. Among them, the sampling of tea and its related products 119 batches, there are 2 batches of substandard. Are Taihu County family Lotus supermarket distribution Yuexi Cuilan, exceed the standard of glyphosate; Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone Financial Plaza supermarket distribution nominal Anhui Lu’an Wanshun refined tea factory production of Anhui along Magnolia Lu’an Guapian, detection of fenvalerate. 3 batches of substandard pastry, are Xiuning County Trust Mart shopping center distribution of nominal Ningguo dwarf plant food cake, top city Mount Huangshan Darunfa Commercial Co. Ltd. distribution nominal Mount Huangshan Zhongli Industrial Development Limited production of top city cakes, Tongcheng city street door store Wyrmrest distribution nominal Dingyuan County food and health food factory production of sesame meat Muffin, all exceed the standard value. The liquor of 2 batches of substandard, namely Beijing Mengcheng County Xing Ke supermarket distribution nominal Hefei Wanglong from all sides wine limited production of wine, Xiaoyao Ding Taixing aging of liquor, alcohol are not met. Sugar also has 2 batches of substandard, are permanent Anhui Wanjiafu Supermarket Co. Ltd. apricot sugar distribution nominal Anhui hengliyuan food limited production of Yingquan District crystal sugar and zhoupeng friendship department store distribution nominal Fuyang Jun Tao Food Co. production, were found to exceed the standard of sulfur dioxide. Edible oil and oil products and 1 batches of substandard, Suzhou Golden Triangle supermarket limited liability company built mine distribution nominal Suzhou Xinfeng sesame oil factory production of Xinfeng black sesame oil, acid value, acid value exceed the standard. To find the sampling of substandard products, Anhui province food and drug administration has asked the production and operation of enterprises to the local food and drug supervision departments, ordered the production and operation of enterprises to take off the shelf, and recall measures investigated according to law, to determine the number and causes of nonconforming product batches, and formulate rectification measures. Anhui food and Drug Administration in particular prompted the majority of consumers, consumers buy or find the market there are substandard products, you can call 12331 complaints or reports. (Shi Yuexin Tan Meiling) (commissioning editor Huang Yan and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章: