Anhui man was forced to buy the mother-in-law because of money stormed the police station to Dutch act according to Qianjiang Evening News reported, "my wife gave me money." On Thursday afternoon, a young man rushed into the Haining City Public Security Bureau police station Xu Xiang, without demur, took out a knife from the body, stand on his neck. Through the dialogue, the police understand the matter. Man surnamed Jia, 27 years old, Anhui, his wife is Shandong. Two people worked together in the past two years in Haining, there are two children, a large age of three years, only a small one for six months. Originally a small day is OK, can the mother-in-law let him out of 100 thousand yuan in Shandong to buy a house, do not buy not to let him see the wife, but Justin was only 40 thousand, there are two kids to raise a lot of pressure. He refused to buy a house, and the wife’s mother fell out. I did not expect, soon after his wife took home deposits back to Shandong. Little Jia no way, the two children back home in Anhui, and then go to Shandong to find a wife. But the mother-in-law is not to see, Xiao Jia had to return to work alone, Haining. Consultation for two months, small Jia can not contact the wife, emotional collapse, went to the police station to commit suicide. In the process of Jia Xushu, the police Wang Xiaorong has been to persuade him, and observe his reaction. See Xiao Jia mood gradually stabilized, Wang Xiaorong saw an opportunity, suddenly rushed forward, grabbed a kitchen knife. Subsequently, other police also rushed over, quickly controlled the small jia. In the inquiry room, the police to help him deal with a small wound on the neck, but his mood is still very excited. Police do 3 hours of ideological work, only to let small Jia calm down. That night, Xiao Jia sat on the train to Shandong, ready to discuss with the mother-in-law. Police also contacted the local police station in Shandong, asked them to come forward to help mediate small Jia family conflicts.相关的主题文章: