You still spend 99 edition 5 yuan notes? Perhaps the future value of double National Day in 1999, one hundred yuan in China in the fifth set of RMB formally published, to determine the fifth set of RMB securities on single leader style. The fifth set of RMB banknotes by the international mainstream technology, but on the issue soon after the emergence of the little pinyin "YUAN", anti-counterfeiting technology wedding, low quality problems, and after improved design and revision of the 2005 edition of rmb. Now in 1995 fifth sets of RMB gradually became popular in the money market, of which five yuan notes is better. First, the circulation time short version 99 yuan in addition to 1 yuan coupons belonging to the nominal 99 edition, but in fact the 05 year version of printing technology, the rest of the bills in 2005 after the rapid recovery of circulation have been destroyed, not a few years out of the mainstream of circulation. The fifth set of RMB and the RMB issuance history to take the same batch release, so the 99 edition of circulation of each denomination real time are different, as the latest issue of 5 yuan coupons, it is the shortest time version of the circulation of RMB banknotes, issued from November 18, 2002 to August 31, 2005 2005 were replaced, the the circulation time is less than 3 years, in the absence of special reasons shall be revised recovery, is almost the shortest life of yuan. Second, for the first time using the "Rainbow printing technology is the gradual change of printing technology, a text on the difficult color from purple to red gradient, if you do not look carefully you can see obvious gradient shading color, in the low denomination appear rare. But at the time of the fifth set of RMB to take the plant trial attitude, so in the "1999" end digit "9" will be purple, red and purple several different effect. Third, doomed to a whole new phase of anti-counterfeiting technology must note version 99 although there are improved, but the quality is not high, easy to wear, even the safety line will drop, this is the 99 year version of common defects. Some people collect a new circulation of goods, but the 99 edition of the collection of the circulation of goods will obviously feel the product is very poor, which is doomed to be a collection of new products of the notes. Many collectors are aware of the third set of RMB "Bordeaux corner" and "back green corner" why can now skyrocketed because of. But whether Bordeaux or back green, the actual survival time is very short, Bordeaux about 4 years (March 1962 -1966 October), back green only 1 years (October 1966 -1967 December). According to rough statistics, 99 edition 5 yuan tickets are only 10 million, but is still in circulation five edition coins currently in circulation, consumption and damage makes the five version of the coins are becoming less and less of the market gradually. Now the "red" and "back green" price rise has thousands or even tens of million yuan in the next 99 years, visible edition 5 yuan will also have a similar value of collection and appreciation of the opportunity. (the self reference network of the reservoir, the changing market views for reference does not constitute investment advice) (gold online YouBiKa)相关的主题文章: