"Baiyun bridge" debut in November 25th officially released Golden Rooster flowers – Sohu entertainment movie "Baiyun bridge" "parent meeting" version of the poster "Baiyun bridge" appeared in the Film Festival Entertainment Sohu by new female director Zhong Xuan directed, Zhang Ji screenwriter high quality horror film "Jiangnan supernatural Book Baiyun bridge" (hereinafter referred to as "white the Cloud Bridge") unveiled the twenty-fifth session of the film festival. Director Zhong Xuan, producer Liu Xiaowei and starring representatives attended the summer and hope to meet the creative, and released a film festival special edition poster. This is the "Baiyun bridge" domestic debut film festival debut in Cannes after the scene, two hundred spectators, guests and media friends to watch the movie. Director Zhong Xuan sharp rhetoric candid NEW POSTER "and meet" two separated soul tremor on September 23rd morning 9 when, "the movie" Hengdian Baiyun bridge in Tangshan cinema hall 3 held a meeting of creative director Zhong Xuan, producer Liu Xiaowei, starring at the summer articles attended the event. Scene two hundred visitors from all over the country, the industry, film critic and major media reporters on the issue of concern and creative who conducted close communication. Director Zhong Xuan said, "" earth and hell is Baiyun bridge bridge, both good and evil, who are in the shuttle. In summer and hope the script itself said let him tread on air abundant location and extreme, shooting techniques so that the crew and actors suffered, they often are in the spirit of half split, but now in retrospect everything is like. Another film starring Deric Wan also came to the festival, but did not participate in the day’s exchange meeting. Asked about this situation, director Zhong Xuan said he was just learned that the specific situation is not clear. Exchange site also released a special film festival poster to show the film "parent version of ghost" theme. The poster, a "frightened" ghost child hiding behind her mother, holding her mother’s hand, is life in fear of lost their children. "The two person" stepped down from the gloomy Baiyun bridge, at the "mapping between yin and Yang, and again" setting. The Golden Rooster flowers completed the domestic debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Zhong Xuan’s "White Cloud Bridge" debut, the film festival is the shining Cannes for the first time in domestic screenings. The audience said the film did not deliberately pursue the traditional customary thriller shooting style skills, but focus on the weakness of human nature and feelings of the characters, the story and fantasy setting clever people do not like to feel. "Baiyun bridge" in the movie producer Mr. Liu Haijiang and executive producer Yao Guoxiang support, at the Yuyao Bay Resort mountain scenery Xiangquan one hundred days, only the location of up to 56, breaking the record setting for domestic thriller. It is reported that Zhong Xuan and other creative director will attend the closing ceremony of the film festival red carpet tomorrow, November 25th officially released the film.相关的主题文章: