Baoji notified 4 cases of violation of the provisions of the eight health bill reimbursement issues Washington (reporter Dong Miao) in September 13th, the Baoji Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection notified 4 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems are: the town of Qishan County Fengming Guo hospital dean Yang Xiumei, the unit of financial reimbursement of mobile phone charges 1079.76 yuan, 4438 yuan by the hospitality. Party warning. Gao Wenbo, President of the Longxian Chengguan town of Xiguan hospital, Longxian health system held during the games of workers, athletes and members of the organizing committee to arrange Yu restaurant dining in Longxian, a total cost of 8100 yuan; the meeting held 2015 year-end bonus for employees 107 people, the total payment of year-end bonus 66104 yuan. Longxian Supervision Bureau to give high cultural administrative warning. Shi Baoxian, former president of Linyou County agricultural school, for cadres and workers illegal purchase payment of labor insurance supplies worth 634.80 yuan, spent 30 yuan of public funds to buy firecrackers on the staff of this system to buy new cars, by the party warning. Fengxian County Credit Union party secretary, chairman Lv Jianmin, general manager Li Chunhu use public funds to arrange 6 times successively in Jintai District of Baoji city seven days fun business department to buy cigarettes and tea, wine 41147 yuan, spending the invoice by Lv Jianmin, Li Chunhu Shenqian in funding to be listed, two people have been party warning. Note: video only for extended reading. Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of supervision informed the eight provisions violate the spirit of the provisions of the 94相关的主题文章: