Beijing property market rapidly frozen golden week turnover hit a new low for many years in the Past National Day holiday, there are as many as 20 city to join the ranks of the national tightening regulation of the property market in Beijing, the largest, most widely involved. Number of real estate agencies statistics show that during the golden week Beijing property market turnover hit a new low for many years, the introduction of other new regulation and control policies have also significantly reduced the volume of the city, the new deal effect appears. The industry generally believe that the regulation of heavy blows, the market is expected to begin to decline, part of the customer base of the purchase plan of active or passive delay, under the wait-and-see mood demand atrophy, will make the four quarter turnover continued to decline, this round of price hikes this trend will end. Review of the Beijing property market regulation policy upgrades in September 30th, Beijing introduced the new deal from the new market regulation, to increase the supply of residential land (increase in low-cost, small and medium-sized ordinary commodity housing supply ratio), to speed up the self occupied residential land supply, control premium, differentiated credit limit prices in 8 aspects such as the shot. Among them, the popular credit policy explicitly requested to buy the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%, the purchase of the first set of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 40% (except for owner occupied housing, limited to two rooms such as housing policy). To have a set of housing residents to buy home, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial housing loans to individuals of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loans, the first payment of not less than 50%; the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 70%. Before the new deal, Beijing for the first suite of down payment ratio of 30%, regardless of ordinary housing or non ordinary housing, the new deal implemented a differentiated policy. Beijing Housing Association Secretary General Chen Zhi said that the authority of the data obtained from the major commercial banks, the first suite of Beijing average payment in 36%, that is to say, although the purchase of the first set of ordinary housing down payment ratio increased to 35%, but still less than the average first buyers pay actual the proportion of housing loans so as to influence the family just to very little. Recognition of the housing and credit policy concern, that is, as long as the name of the family has a house, whether or not there is a loan again, the implementation of the two suites down payment ratio. This is more clearly differentiated credit policy. The family already has a set of housing, once again only two reasons, one is to improve, the investment is two. The purchase of housing without housing families, compared to the need for loan support, there should be a security order. That loans to support the purchase of housing without a home, and then improve the demand, and the demand for investment speculation is firmly suppressed. Golden Week transaction data volume decreased Centaline Research Center statistics show that during the National Day holiday just past (October 1st 7 days), Beijing signed 216 new residential units, signed 209 second-hand housing units, a total of 425 sets of contract. Compared with the same period in the past 5 years (National Day last year, the total turnover of 543 sets, 2014 turnover of the set of units, in 2013 turnover of 863 sets, in 2012 turnover of 587 sets, in 2011 turnover of 1039 sets of (from).相关的主题文章: