Both sides of the needle without fear of stimulating challenges   help "Spider Man" by the cross-country race car – entertainment channel — original title: Liangmianzhen fearless challenge to help stimulate the "Spider Man" by the cross-country race car tonight, "the amazing race" 3 to the 1996 Olympic Games will be held in Atlanta — the United states. As a famous historical city of Atlanta, in addition to the profound cultural characteristics, and the bones of the American "wild", the 4 group of guests will bring this to the rest of the how to stimulate experience? "Spider Man" version of the ferris wheel, crystal just understanding the 1996 Olympic Games is calm Xiang brother Guo Jingjing attended the first session of the Olympic Games, she is no stranger to the Centennial Olympic Park and the huge ferris wheel must. Ferris wheel was the embodiment of romance, but the guests can only hang outside the ferris wheel when spider man, looking for more than the password card information. While moving the giant Ferris wheel of 20 storeys high, but the guests have an old traveller is a veteran in battle, the difficulty is to quickly accept the calm. I saw Xiang brother firmly hung in the air of the giant online, no matter how the ferris wheel rotation, through the information card skill still nimble, can accurately calculate the number to partner Xu uncle, can be called "calm Xiang". Don’t let a man in a black shirt, Guo Jingjing handsome, the most important thing is even in the air from time to time and her husband Kenneth Fok maintained a tacit understanding, cooperation, can quickly complete the task? "Off-road monster truck", old driver Canbian mountain trail has been soaked through the "old driver" wild dream, slope, rock, mud and flashed the SUV sounds the adrenaline surge. But sit on the speed forward off-road vehicles, this passion may be a little cold water". "The amazing race" the old driver Liu Chang was confident, for the entire cross-country race is in the bag, also want to open new PK hall. But never thought, they not only have experienced bumpy pain in the monster truck, but also protect the body of a bucket of water. There is a slight mistake drenched trip down, be caught off guard, originally in high and vigorous spirits "old driver" became "soaked through". A bumpy car pouring cold water to bring another wet thought of temptation, wild and exciting. "Stimulus" is a lot of young people’s pursuit of fashion, like our big legs God feel off-road and exciting and cool. But the stimulus, once it’s done by the mouth, is not cool at all. Alternating hot and cold, sweet and sour transformation, a "stimulus" may lead to toothache, bleeding gums, swelling and other oral problems, this time quickly eliminate pain, rapid repair is temporary and permanent way. The leading brand of Chinese toothpaste Liangmianzhen, as "the amazing race" 3 oral care industry designated partners, using the pure traditional Chinese medicine formula, the national 2G standard pharmaceutical manufacturing, a way for oral health escort guests, let guests without interference by oral stimuli, entirely devoted to "stimulate" competition. Small partner in front of the TV, if you want to seek a little mouth stimulation, do not forget to prepare a tube of nitidine toothpaste. ")相关的主题文章: