"Brother’s girlfriend is a T" Wang Peng play for the first time fixing challenge bungee – Sohu   entertainment; Wang Peng as actor dawn   Wang Peng interpretation of "gold male bestie" Sohu entertainment news recently, the new generation of actors starring Wang Peng movie "brother’s girlfriend is a T" shot well, Wang Peng in the film as a man the protagonist of dawn. The film is amazing post "my date is a T" adapted, tells a place between female and male handsome offbeat love bizarre relaxed indecisive, Wang Peng used "Crazy" memories of the shooting process, really exciting. Wang Peng interpretation of "gold male bestie" called "tear" is a kind of enjoyment in "brother’s girlfriend was a T", as Wang Peng is suffering from the low life dawn, dawn hearty cool date Yanan is by the strength of actor Yue Yien. Dawn, Ya Nan two people are junior high school students, after a blind date to meet again, because of the active pursuit of Nan Nan, so that Li Mingwu thought from the time of the students on their own secret. When two people become familiar with, Li Ming Choi slowly find the "peach blossom" is the first original Yanan good design…… With the plot foreshadowing God to expand, "brother’s girlfriend was a T" can be described as climax, excitement. Wang Peng was decorated by the dawn is a tepid cartoonist, but in the face of Yanan, happened to turn the world upside down life change. "Gold male bestie self cultivation" is Wang Peng summed up his film "dawn" corner of the state, although in the play by dawn child was injured all over the body but still try to guard, the people around. The dawn of "philosophy of life" also resonate with Wang Peng: "I look at the feelings of the dawn is very similar, as long as it is worth, even if the ‘tear’ is also a kind of enjoyment and happiness." Wang Peng gave the first life bungee "in order to do what no filming" during the filming of "T" is a brother’s girlfriend, Wang Peng’s experience is very "Crazy", he from a height of 60 meters high on the bound only jump, gave for the first time in his life bungee jumping. Wang Peng recalled the bungee jumping said: "it is not afraid, but to the station when it is not the same, my mind was what ideas are coming out of the." In order to overcome the fear of shooting, Wang Peng firmly jump, "not what to do in order to filming!" This kind of partner Yue Wang Peng impressed: "bungee field when he was sitting for a while, stand up immediately jump, especially MAN!" Wang Peng said, "brother’s girlfriend is a shot of T", the "Crazy" and the excitement of the experience is very meaningful experience and challenge. The young actor Wang Peng graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, who appeared in TV series "Begonia still", "doctor", "Legend of heroes" and the movie "Qin Tang" suspected mass graves and many other well-known film and television works. Wang Peng is still on the stage of a drama shine, starred in the "orphan", "assembly", and "days" and other well-known airline stewardess cohabitation drama, rich stage performance experience for Wang Peng screen performance more expressive and explosive force. Remove the eye-catching appearance and tall figure, Wang Peng line also skill is quite deep, so that Wang Peng’s performance is more worth the wait. It is reported that Wang Peng this相关的主题文章: