Chen Ciyu: the typical volunteer sprint life until now, Chen Ciyu is still not accustomed to being given this "typical" title. Too many journalists, too many irrelevant people will call or to find her talk, talk to her she is not very willing to disclose the personal privacy". In fact, the tall girl, from junior high school graduated 2010 that year, is a typical "". In 2010, just graduated from junior high school Chen Ciyu, become a volunteer of Shanghai World Expo, mainly related to some foreigners or responsible for tourists to the Shanghai World Expo, "at that time is the summer, the weather is very hot, there are a lot of people come to ask the traffic information to me, I will give them a detailed planning." Although she was young, she started to take things seriously. Later, gradually by the side of the people known as the World Expo "little messenger". Since then, her typical road has not been broken. In 2015, she was at the Fudan University and the World Expo Organizing Committee of Milan co hosted the global governance innovation Youth Summit, as vice president of the student union, she joined the organization of the summit. "Mainly to coordinate the work." When the China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter asked her specific job, she simply replies such a sentence. However, some media reports, she was in Milan, World Expo, has long been not just a simple participant. At that time, she was also a sophomore at Fudan University, has become a volunteer manager, on the one hand to participate in the selection of volunteers on the one hand, on the other hand to be related to their training. She told reporters, each phase of the volunteers have 25 people ~30. I go out at 8:30 every morning and get back to my apartment at 10 in the evening. Sometimes I will be on duty, responsible for some of the VIP reception, to provide them with the service." Although not like to be treated as a typical, but Chen Ciyu show in the public image, is always full of positive energy. "Guangming Daily" reporter interviewed Chen Ciyu talk about the harvest of voluntary service in World Expo, she replied: "in fact, volunteers on their own high requirements. For tourists, when they need a service, often contact with volunteers. In addition, I think the volunteers will reflect a spirit of the face, especially in foreign countries to provide voluntary services, to a certain extent, also represents the image of our country. When a foreigner says to you, ‘thank you, you Chinese are great, you work very well’, my heart will rise a strong sense of national pride, I am proud of the motherland." China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter learned that, in addition to a student of Fudan University School of international relations and public affairs, Chen Ciyu also attended the second degree in accounting. She is currently working in the investment banking department, had been in Boston consulting firm, Roland financial companies and other financial consulting industry high-end enterprise internship. Chen Ciyu told reporters that her experience in the two World Expo, and did not focus on the interviewer during her interview. But she believes that the experience of volunteering in World Expo, actually相关的主题文章: