Chengdu Pengzhou 13 acres of vegetables overnight because someone dead or poisoned (Figure) farm, is Chengdu Pengzhou (micro-blog) Luo toshimoto farmer’s lifeblood, a year after a season of rice, lettuce, has almost become a ritual. After more than and 10 days, they can harvest lettuce. Seeing this year the market is good, Luo Junyuan two old people planted 6 acres of lettuce in a good harvest, but in November 8th, he was sitting on the ridge to sulk. He’s under the ridge, large lettuce withered yellow, and the surrounding green misfits. In October 27th, Pengzhou mengyangzhen, 6 farmers planted 13 acres of lettuce and garlic bolt withered and died at harvest, on the eve of the night, the farmers lost more than 100 thousand yuan. In this regard, said the Agricultural Bureau of Pengzhou City, was initially identified, 13 acres of vegetable Fusarium wilt is human injury, played by "great concentration of herbicides." Farmers who suspect that someone in the late October 26th malicious poison. Currently, the local police have been involved in the investigation. Overnight wilted lettuce farmers worried taxi home is the 65 year old Luo Junyuan mengyangzhen Shuanglin village, after decades of farmers, although over sixty years old two, but not idle down, still in annual crops. "The rice, also can’t let Tian Xian a winter, just another season of lettuce." At the end of August this year, according to the Convention, he planted 6 acres of lettuce. In addition to their own nearly 5 acres of farmland, relatives idle Mu Tada he gave, took on lettuce. Sowing, planting, weeding, fertilizing, Luo Junyuan two old people care in the day in and day out, lettuce, "a year of family expenses, make some money on the lettuce." In October 22nd, lettuce has long formed, take advantage of slack, Luo Junyuan packed things at home, went to Guang’an (micro-blog) a brick kiln workers, "make efforts to live, one day can earn a piece of 180." 27 am, he was on the site suddenly received a phone call from his wife, you are not buying the wrong? In the lettuce fade, you hurry back!" "How can I buy the wrong thing, that bottle of pesticides have been used several times, a few times before nothing!" He asked the reason, while comforting wife, "no, you wait two days to see, lettuce should not be." However, wilted lettuce has not improved, gradually withered yellow, finally withered. Luo Junyuan anxious, October 31st at noon, he spent more than 800 yuan, a taxi from Guang’an to Pengzhou, "no way, say lettuce all dead, I’m dying." 13 acres of vegetables and withered 6 households lost more than 100 thousand yuan home, in front of the scene shocked Luo Junyuan — in a piece of lettuce, the original glossy dark green glossy dark green, has now become yellow, the leaves drooping, many lettuce leaves have become black rot. "What’s the matter?" He pulled his wife asked the child, the tone of some excitement. Because after more than and 10 days, lettuce can be harvested "is not listed, you put the pesticide in the wrong?" "I don’t know, according to your ration my pesticide, I give 26 lettuce all played again, second days to dry." Wife’s words made Luo Junyuan confused. Use of pesticide at home, was to prevent the lettuce leaf spots, has been used several times, did not find what is the problem, and not paraquat etc. in addition to off相关的主题文章: