Children with indigestion relief massage skills 3 acupoint child indigestion mainly for persistent or recurrent upper abdominal pain, bloating, early satiety, belching, acid regurgitation, heartburn, anorexia, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms of digestive dysfunction. If this happens to the child how to care? How to care for 1 children with indigestion, for small babies, Changbiaoxianwei Yinai, older children often have vomiting, not serious, vomit sour. 2, children with anorexia, abdominal distension, hyperactive bowel sounds, even without a stethoscope could be heard in the belly "grunt". 3, bad breath. Lacteal dyspepsia in the stomach, often the first occurrence of bad breath, especially morning breath for acid milk and food stagnation, clinical called high indigestion. This phenomenon, can be a poor appetite for a meal, in order to facilitate the recovery of gastrointestinal function. 4, stool odor. With a little undigested food residue, although not dilute diarrhea, diarrhea has been threatened, at this time should be immediately reduced diet, to be adjusted, can avoid the occurrence of diarrhea. How to massage your baby indigestion? A massage is the four horizontal stripes is four in the palm, food, and the ring finger from the fingertip, direction number of second stripes. Parents can let children four fingers close together, from the index finger to the horizontal stripes, so 1 ~ 2 minutes. The two is based on the hole hole in the door kneading Banmen palm thenar plane. Parents can use the thumb to rub this point, the operation lasted 1 to 2 minutes. The three is the belly to belly button as the center, with the palm of the hand around the navel clockwise rubbing 50, and then counterclockwise rubbing the next 50. If parents can give the baby a week to do three times the above treatment and long-term adherence, will help the baby healthy growth.相关的主题文章: