China EU Banlielalai Zhengzhou 80 imported cars to buy Land Rover to save Audi central trains "breath" to pull 80 imported cars yesterday morning, Zhengzhou car train vehicle import vehicle joint ceremony held in the inland port of Zhengzhou port, 80 vehicles in Europe imported from Germany to Zhengzhou, which is China’s central trains carrying the maximum value of imported cars, the largest number of a class return train. Zheng report financial media reporter Xiao Yawen Wang Sai Hua Wen Ma Jiantu 80 imported cars against Zheng have cars are the main class in October 30, 2016, a car loaded with 80 vehicles imported from Europe central Europe (Zhengzhou) return train from Germany, arrived in Zhengzhou yesterday. Next, these vehicles in the completion of customs clearance inspection work can be quickly delivered to the hands of consumers. According to preliminary statistics, the 80 imported cars contain 3 types of Land Rover brand, and Bentley brand 2 models, the total value of 120 million yuan, is China’s central trains carrying the maximum value of imported cars, the largest number of a class return train. Marked the city port economic development and open platform to achieve a major breakthrough. According to general manager Zheng de Yuhua international trading company Jia Weiqiang introduction, the central trains arrived in Zhengzhou aboard the vehicle, basically are customer orders, orders from all over the country in addition to Hong Kong and macao. One of the 2017 Bentley is still not in the domestic market, if in the domestic market after the price is 3 million 500 thousand yuan, plus 3 million 700 thousand yuan for optional accessories. From Europe to Zhengzhou by rail transport to the actual price of 2 million 800 thousand yuan ~290 Bentley, cheaper than the domestic retail price of about 800 thousand, the price close to the local market price in europe. The domestic sale of 2016 Bentley, compared with the domestic price will be cheaper than 300 thousand yuan. Reporters on the scene saw the train arrived in Zhengzhou imported cars 77 vehicles for the Land Rover brand car. Jia Weiqiang said: "there are 3 types of the brand of the imported, compared with the market price concessions, there are also at least 100 thousand ~15 million, while the number of domestic sales version, can be 300 thousand lower than the market price of ~40 million yuan, basically is to buy a Land Rover, a Audi." Consumers can take advantage of the fastest 23 days in addition to the price advantage of the car, the central bank also offers consumers a lot of time to save the car. "Although the overall shipping costs are less, the entire transport process may take about 45 days, with a typhoon or some other condition to be longer. And through the central European train transport, consumers can get the fastest 23 days new car keys." In the transportation time, Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Xinjiang Alashankou inspection and Quarantine Bureau to establish a liaison mechanism, advance information transmission, realize mutual assistance, mutual recognition of regulatory enforcement, train directly to Zhengzhou port, to avoid the two unpacking inspection, shorten the residence time of the port. "Has the sense of milepost type vehicle import train today, the future will become the norm of the train car imports, basically every week there is a train arrived in Zhengzhou." Henan inspection and Quarantine Bureau responsible person. As the train vehicle imports normalized operations, railway.相关的主题文章: