Chinese "three high" push "the beauty of" 2017 Beijing Concert – Beijing, Beijing, November 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) China Three Tenors Dai Yuqiang, Mo Hualun, Wei Song 13, announced in Beijing will launch the "China Beauty – 2017 China Three Tenors Beijing concert in December 22nd". General director Zhang Shurong said after the concert, the Three Tenors Chinese experienced a successful five year, this year’s concert with new tracks, new contents and new forms. The most attractive is the innovation of different stage performance, will use the international first-class audio equipment, the arena will use high precision LED screen display, classic and modern vocal music works with a full range of visual expression. Dai Yuqiang bluntly, the premiere episode of memorable unforgettable and memorable singing the first time out of the country for the queen of England, "we want to put the best, the most beautiful song dedicated to the audience." Mo Hualun said, "three people are more powerful." The three culture art (Beijing) limited liability company chairman Huang Fei said that the New Year Concert theme is Thanksgiving, thanks to five years of support and love Chinese three tenors of this brand of various men and women with high ideals. According to reports, this will create a new look in the past on the basis of the concert repertoire on the selection of the most classic, most can move the audience, most can express their gratitude to the Chinese and foreign art songs and arias, Chinese folk songs and popular songs, and re interpretation and deduction. From the "Bel Canto" to pop, but also a new song by the majority of the audience favorite with popular music elements across the tracks, classical and modern fusion, romantic and beautiful and the most fashionable scene interpretation. (end)相关的主题文章: