Hair-Loss Its a soft, silky and healthy hair that can enhance up your personality. Like our skin, nails and other important body parts, hair also needs a proper care. How many times have you given your hair special treatment? I am sure that you wont be able to find a satisfying reply because you couldnt remember the last time you did this. Whoever said you cant take proper hair care at your home yourself? Now, its time, any time. Till last decade people used to bother about their healthy hair. They had to visit costly parlors for various expensive spas or hair nourishing acts.. Not anymore. Easy availability of products, a little knowledge and a keen desire to own beautiful hair is the only need. Generally we neglect our hair care and when we become conscious, its too late. But the worst situation can be avoided by applying some simple tips. Healthy Hair Tip 1: Healthy Food To make your hair look fabulous, provide them better nourishment by eating healthy food. A balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins provide hair an inner strength. Healthy Hair Tip 2: Cleanliness and Hygiene Wash your hair frequently after regular interval of 2-3 days. This is a myth that frequent washing can damage them. But regular cleaning will keep them healthy and shining. Healthy Hair Tip 3: Right Shampoo Choose right type of shampoo and conditioner. You should know the type of your hair and according to the texture, select the best shampoo for them. Avoid strong chemical based shampoo. Ill recommend natural herbs like shikakai, amla,neem in their natural form for washing your hair. But if you find it difficult to use them, then go for the mild shampoo having these things as an important ingredient. Healthy Hair Tip 4: Avoid Unnecessary Harm to your Hair Except a few occasions, keep your hair in their natural form. Try and avoid using chemicals, blow drying and other treatments like permanent color or rebounding etc. Such treatments may harm your hair. Never tie your hair very tight. While going outside under hot sun or in fast bowing wind, cover your hair with cap or a scarf. Never forget to nourish your hair with lukewarm oil (coconut/almond) massage. Itll give you intensely nourished and visibly HEALTHY LOOKING HAIR!! I will not advice you to read the books on this topic. To search over the internet is sufficient About the Author: 相关的主题文章: