[color] BAOYING Twente cut Paris win at home court against free – Sohu Tewinter strong desire to win the season home court easily beheaded the underdog Twente strong team has reached the European theater. From the team’s current performance home court performance is acceptable, the road performance in general. The team nearly 5 round of strong performance, 3 wins, 2 unbeaten, scoring 11 goals conceded just 5 goals is a good offense and defense. The Rhoda JC is sluggish, the team has been in the relegation zone. The last round of the team to usher in the first round of the league, the 10 round only achieved 1 wins, 4 draws and negative performance disappointing. The recent confrontation in Twente occupy the absolute advantage, Tewinter’s 5 game winning streak against the recent, huge psychological advantage. The disc open twin let hemisphere a ball ", a number of spinach handicap fluctuations, have to the Lord let a ball deep dish. Considering the plate keep water, visible to the awareness of the strong opponents, so much pressure to win out of twente. The winter home court consciousness is strong, so this game for the sake of high pay to chase the home team win win disc, so the SMG recommended 3 single pass. Big Paris Champions League weak round for the League to win points to win this season, Lille’s performance is no bright spot, disappointing. The team on the two home court recent escaping relegation by just ahead of the relegation, integral caen. In this game, the face of Paris, through the defense team will complete the task points. The Paris league with early digging has not changed, but this season in the face of a strong rise in nice and Monaco, the team is now pursuing the pressure is not small. Consider the big Paris next week’s Champions League opponents strength is not strong, the team outlet pressure is relatively small, this game is more likely to chase the division. From both sides of the record to see the 8 wins and wins in the United States and the United States accounted for the absolute advantage of the flat, so this game is the first choice to win in Paris. The disc open the high water by a ball, aocai handicap down to the water, for the lack of big visible banker can Paris win confidence. Such a big hit on Paris victory over little resistance. This can be the first choice of SMG found, for the sake of high pay can boldly go Paris to let the ball wins, SMG does not let the ball play 0 single pass.相关的主题文章: