Da: I’m a big kid doesn’t want to grow up to make mistakes so humble – Beijing, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li large suspense music quiz reality show "masked sing guess" is currently in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast. The sixth episode aired last week in the three phase of the program, has unveiled the masked Little Prince "in the fairy tale is not a lie" was finally unmasked, Hongkong singer Justin is mami. Yesterday, Wang received a media interview, about the process of participating in the program. After Hongkong and the mainland, Justin to grow a lot: "now I learned to enjoy the process." Masked singing feel relaxed last week, Justin brought one of Eason Chan’s classic song "haven’t met in a long time", this song also represents his voice. "This time, because I enjoy the feeling on stage, I hope more friends can hear my voice." Turning to the biggest challenge to participate in the program, Da said: the biggest challenge is to sing mandarin. I often feel that my Mandarin is not very good, but this time I am very happy, because there is no sense of music is divided into words, the audience’s support made me feel that the feeling is the most important." In the program, to the image of the little prince Justin debut masked fairy tale is not a lie. ". He admits to face to sing more relaxed: "at first, I felt a little strange, but the audience do not see who I am, just listen to the sound and music, so very interesting." The reason for this name, Da said: "inspiration comes from the lyrics:" she cried to me that the fairy tale is deceptive And I think the little prince is a good fit for me. I’m a big kid who doesn’t want to grow up." Justin before exposing mask, users of the identity of all sorts of speculation, Hua Chenyu, Wong Cho Lam and Dicky Cheung are guessing list. In this regard, Justin joked: "they are very talented. There is a Cantonese name "shorties multi meter", because we are not high, ha ha!" Now the identity of the public, Da said there would be no change: finish this program, so I think it is quite fun to sing Mandarin songs, I feel very comfortable. I hope that the future can sing a little more Mandarin songs, more mainland performances, which is my goal." The new album to do medicine Justin is a theme of singer and songwriter. In 2003, he entered the music scene, with all the male singer award for debut album "Justin" in Hongkong recruited four major media Music Awards, once known as the "successor of Jacky Cheung", Eric Moo is that he is "after Eason Chan of Hongkong’s best male singer". For the outside world to praise, Justin said modestly: "thanks to their praise, I will always do my own music, with music to infect others." Justin had in 2011 bid farewell to Hongkong music to settle in Beijing, in 2014 after the return to Hongkong. Three years of North drift of life, harvest a lot of Justin: "made many new friends, there is a feeling again, let me grow up. In fact, I was to love to Beijing, not to learn music, but because of the changes in life, my music has changed." As for the current emotional situation, Da said: "I do not"相关的主题文章: