Dongyu Zhou, Mario, Liu Yan…… The Mid Autumn Festival in Chongqing get together to Chongqing Star Star: "emperor million sleep" the father of white chalai Chongqing to promote new works and adorable willfulness "my king" and black bazaar life and finally joined the new role – yesterday, with the latest works of the "love you could not understand me and do not I fell like 2", "emperor" series of the author and illustrator of white tea eighth Chinese at Western Animation Festival site, Shapingba Chongqing and Chongqing city also airborne Manmi, "cat (cat lovers)" have come to a close contact. White tea said, "I will be the next emperor" series in two and joined a supporting role, we highly anticipated film works should soon see. Since the beginning of 2015 "emperor" series in the online publication, the cat by Chen Yao, Gao Xiaosong forwarding, attention can be said to be red to purple. But now white tea still said that he insisted that I will not let the emperor prototype too much exposure. He said: "indeed I have received quite a few requests for ‘Emperor’ prototype commercials like appearance invitations, but I declined. I still hope that we pay more attention to the work itself. I was also a cartoonist, bloggers are not pets." Because of the rapid burst of red, white tea bluntly fans have long been looking forward to the film and television works have been in intense preparation. "We’re going to do the first 35 minutes of the little animated short." White tea revealed himself to "pet big secrets", "nine lives" PET film, "I want to highlight the cat itself character, if the big movie, I must highlight the" emperor "and other cats of different characteristics, it jumped out to get everyone from will some of the more life style, go home." At the same time, white tea said that in the future, I am emperor, the film and television works will certainly participate together, but also need to work together with professional writers. White tea also said, "the next emperor will" life in the increase of two pets, fun, is not able to do long-term deep…… Are still under consideration." Reporter Qiu Jin Yi Lai Yu stars: "little meat Mario to Chongqing to publicize their tide brand sunshine, handsome and with a lovely smile, is bursting with affinity! In the eyes of many fans, from Thailand’s "little meat Mario almost meets all the requirements of the youth idol. The fans in Chongqing, fans who are more in yesterday’s eighth China Western Animation Festival is the second day, close to experience the charm of a Mario. Mario Chongqing in Western Animation Festival with his own brand "ELEPHAS", in addition to the fans can buy his own authorized version of the Q hand, and "ELEPHAS" T can buy tide. Although the figures are 100 elements and a T-shirt, not cheap, but the reporter on the scene saw the fans to buy. It is responsible for his trip to Chongqing POP Life staff, Mario is 15 to Chongqing. Landed on the night to eat hot pot. He himself also confirmed in an interview: "ha, I can eat spicy, Chongqing, of course, hot pot to eat." Despite the secrecy of the contract, Mario said only that he would have a new year相关的主题文章: