"Dust in the wind": the most beautiful thing, young childhood sweetheart "dust in the wind" Hsiao-Hsien Hou "dust in the wind", 1987 rated 317th, beginning from the moment of "dust in the wind", Xie Wenyuan, Jiang Suyun came home from school, they got off the train, one person, one meter, Namazha, along the tracks go back to the village. Is the evening, to put the movie in the village, two people watched the wind was blowing high on the movie screen, stunned. They are only 15 years old, about to graduate from junior high school, the future has many wonderful fantasy. The dim love has grown, they have never said, no promises, but full of confidence. This is the world’s most beautiful feelings, although poor, but people become firm. Villages in the south of Taiwan have never been polluted by the noise of the city. Then, they will come to the city of Taipei, growing up in pain, seemingly indestructible love finally burst. "Dust in the wind" stills "dust in the wind" is a real writer Wu Nian was born in a village that idyllic hometown gradually become a memory, in space, mentally very far, but it is always the source of his creation. This film to the "juvenile adult", "rural city" of the structure of the human growth and upheaval, the river is not with Xie Wenyuan. But the most beautiful, or youth’s childhood sweetheart. "Dust in the wind".相关的主题文章: