The decoration of the 13 bedroom Feng Shui] and not taboo [Feng Shui bedroom decoration Home Furnishing Chu Home Furnishing to affect family luck, committed a taboo will have a bad influence, here is a look at the bedroom decoration should be noted that several aspects. The bedroom should not be suitable for the shape of convex shape beveling bedroom founder, is not suitable for the hypotenuse or polygonal shape. The hypotenuse is easy to cause the illusion of sight, easy to cause the horn oppression, thus increasing people’s mental burden, the long run is easy to Luo disease and accidents. The bedroom should be bright, night should be dark bedroom should have the windows, in addition to ensure air circulation, the day can make people refreshed, lighting, and night window should have curtains, blocking outdoor luminous, make people easy to sleep. Building the bathroom bedroom should not be changed into modern buildings line the whole construction, so the whole building toilets are in the same place. If the bath lavatory to the bedroom, is bound to cause sleep in the upstairs and downstairs two layers of toilet, and the toilet is wet and dirty, caught in the midst necessary for environmental health effects, in addition to the upstairs toilet, water for a start would definitely affect your peace and so on the physical and mental health damage. The door can not be on the door of the bedroom is a place to rest, quiet, hidden, and the gate for family, friends and the only place, so the door to door with bedroom quiet conditions. The door into the door to affect health and wealth. The door is not the toilet is the place for people to discharge, easy to produce bad smell and moisture, so is the door of bedroom air will influence, the life of the body to health. The door not to the kitchen or adjacent to the kitchen and the kitchen fire fried, exhaust fumes, easy to effect on the door, endanger human health, and the work performance is stable. The kitchen is the place of fire, so it is not very hot, especially the bed and bedroom adjacent to the wall of the stove. The door has no effect on the reflection mirror, in Feng Shui can be reflected back to evil spirits, so a demon. But the mirror opposite the door will be xiongsha red g shines into the bedroom, bring bad fortune. The mirror and landing doors and windows should not be on the bed is used to block evil, is the reflex of back, so not to bed. Especially people wake up from sleep, in the sense of not very clear, easy to be reflected in the mirror or window in his own shock. The bed or sleeping on the bed should not be the door is the most safe, quiet and stable, the door is out of the room only, so the door to a bed or not is the bed. Otherwise, the bed people tend to lack a sense of security, and is harmful to health. The bed can not be close to the window window for Qi pass in and out, so close to the window bed to make red. On the bed for at the window of the head to see, lack of a sense of security, cause mental tension, affect health. The head of the bed should not be flat under the ceiling of the beam, avoid beams. The crossbeam is easy to produce the feeling of the heavy body in the psychology, especially the person sleeps under the crossbeam to feel the tremendous pressure, cause the mental oppression, influence the health, cause. People do not rely on bedside taboo when lying on the wall is not easy to see the top of the head, so the bed against the wall, should avoid the free air, and reduce the sense of security. Otherwise people slept on the bed, easy trance, suspicious, affecting health,.相关的主题文章: